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    Friday, 20 June 2014

    Sienna summer shades

    Sweet dolly's will not always whisper their names to me , it comes over time sitting peacefully and leaving them to guide the way. I may sound bonkers when i say these things out loud but being a dolly stitcher i find myself thinking , living and dreaming about the next little one.
    Bringing all these inspiring ideas together and loving the way they come to life each and every one a new soul from the last.

    Sienna may was born and was also one of these little ones who took her time to show me who she really is. A sweet gentle almost shy soul who loves to take summer walks, read books with a picnic and sing softly to the birds. you may also find her by the river side picking flowers, placing sticks into the river ripples watching them sway away down stream.
    Pastel shades and light flowing fabrics are a must takes her Que from nature a little earth spirit, she longs for the slow life almost past times gone by.

    Sienna May will be ready for adoption via my facebook page tomorrow 21 June at 7.00pm GMT

    Love kate & Sienna May 

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