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    Sweet Briet where will you go?

    Thursday, 27 February 2014

    Will it be chilly where you go?  will it be warm? will it be the place where the winter breeze takes you? ....I think so too.

     This Impish spirit  roaming where the whimsy winds blow and the pixie folk frolic, oh Briet...oh Briet come out with me to play!

    In among fungi and brambles Briet is at home the most....even if i disagree at the state of her muddy pants! Her muted hues of grayish brown to duck egg blue does not stay bright for long as free willed Briet romps around. 
    A woodland child that's for sure the wild outdoors is where she's at home.
    So if your down near the woods today look for Briet, critters and all...she be there you will her her giggle!

    Now for Briet she has a delicate hand stitched face brown eyes, rosey cheeks, pale blonde crochet Mohair wig with ickle plaits.
    Her swiss cotton tricot skin in a gental blush tone, knobbly knees, elbows and soft sculpted squishy bum (hehe)
    She comes home with hand made Linen pants, cotton knit undies and shirt. Hand knit snuggy boots in ducky egg blue, hand knit cardy/vest in mocha, beary earflap hat in Mocha and hand knit cowl with wooden button in soft Heather aran also has hand made cabbage rose headband also in soft Heather aran wool.

    All my dolls outfits and accessories have been hand crafted by myself, not always what i initially intended at the beginning but each doll has it's own little nagging voice and sometimes they win big time..

    Briet I am so totally in love with you my dear.

    She has nature in her roots from the tip of her nose down her tiny little toes ....now go and run and play, oh Briet mind where you fly up in those tree's with that naughty squirrel friend of yours!