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    Gabi and the Bee's

    Thursday, 12 June 2014

    There is something magical about a babes curiosity, maybe it is simply down to the innocence of childhood the ability to soak everything in around them.

    Gabi and myself took some time to enjoy the sunshine today, she loved the garden flowers and a busy little bumble bee, she gurgled, chuckled and crawled around wanting to examine everything.
    In the summer air soft gentle breeze blowing babes wispy hair's, sounds of leaves swaying in that breeze.
    Only thing to keep her close was that illusive little bumble bee. 


    Gabi is a wide eyed bundle of fun and snuggles we made some beautiful memories today in our small haven of summer joy. The small things are the most wonderful, there first cry, first smile first garden adventure. Gabi will be looking for her new mamma very soon and these moments are always special.

    Findling baby Gabi and her busy little bumble bee...

    2 Responses to “Gabi and the Bee's”

    1. lovely pretty pictures. I was just wondering though what does 'Findling baby' mean? At first read I thought it was the same as the Moonchild dolls 'Foundling baby' but on rereading I see you have spelt yours differently but I could not find a meaning for it, so I was just curious. :)

      1. Its just a name my daughter gave to her and that's what we had been calling her i guess it stuck so only seemed fitting to use it for this blog post xx


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